What is on your bucket list to see underwater?

Swim with Dolphins? Swim with Whalesharks?Dive with Sharks?

To dive in Africa offers some of the most incredible Pelagic experiences on the planet.

Dive in the most PRISTINE PROTECTED PARKS in the world?

Join your African experience of the big 5 on land and the big 5 while you Dive Africa and experience the magical African Wildlife.

With over 20 years diving the globe we have chosen the very best the world experiences the world can offer.

Dive Africa

Sardine Run

The Sardine Run on South Africas coast is one of the largest migrations of animals on the planet. It will set a new level for what you can experience and your levels of excitement while diving… Either part of a group or we recommend a private expedition with only you on the boat and a personal instructor/guide by your side to really experience this spectacle and have the Flexibility, safety and attention of the private boat and guide .


Diving Trips

Guided tours to Dive Africa has many different locations to visit. From the Sardine run to Sodwana Bay and into Mozambique. South Africa’s East coast promises many big animal sightings- sharks, Manta Ray, dolphins, whales and some of the most densly populated and protected marine parks in the world…

Here we have the world heritage site of Isimangiliso, a treasure of a dive paradise with over 1000 species of fish, incredible coral diversity and many experiences like swimming with dolphins, getting close to whales and their newborn calves from July to October, world class diving and all in a protected marine reserve where you are the only boat allowed to dive these areas..

New to diving, wanting to learn? Bring the family and do a Private dive course with your highly qualified, professional personal dive instructor with you for all or part of your holiday. Guiding you on and in the water, for complete flexibility and personal attention.

SDK Expeditions is built on the love of the water and we want to Exceed your expectations and deliver as much flexibility and experiences to our guests as possible.

Your dive instructor will also have surfing, stand up paddleboarding and kitesurfing gear to use and teach you if this is something that takes your fancy as well as the diving.


Swim with Dolphins

These amazing beautiful deeply intelligent animals of the Sea will leave you with a warmth in your heart that never leaves.

We have specialist dolphin tour operators in select areas of Mozambique and South Africa where it is a private calm experience as you are the only boat allowed to approach the dolphins. The locations allow warm clear waters so snorkeling is a comfortable and approachable experience for everyone. From May to Oct we will also see Humpback whales and their calves from right up close on the same ocean safari to see Dolphins. We have designed and tailor made trips where you can experience these majestic animals while doing some diving, surfing, kitesurfing with your private instructor supplied by SDK Expeditions

On the Sardine run there can be many thousands of spinner dolphins all at one time… The sound in the water is quite amazing- like an orchestra of a thousand dolphins. This is a very unique and mind expanding trip to see the migration of so many dolphins and fish chasing the “greatest shoal on earth”


Manta Ray and WhaleShark

Whalesharks and Manta Rays are the gentle giants and on every diver and humans bucket list to see. In Inhambane Mozambique from April to October sightings here are common and we developed a DreamAfrica Mozambqiue trip to dive/surf/kite and also try experience these animals in the beauty of Africa in Mozambique.