Let us take you to the next level in your surfing dreams

We specialize in private coaching and tailor made trips offering multiple disciplines of wave riding instruction- Surf, SUP, Foil.

Luxury surf travel and private instruction for you or your family. We have a global selction of unique, incredible destinations that we have travelled to and hand picked for their surf, location and beauty.

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Stand up or SUP surfing is a great way to enjoy the waves and experience surfing. We are passionate about teaching this discipline as well as the other surf disciplines as it allows you to get away from the crowds and have a great time in nature. We ride whatever is good for the days and what the conditions suit- become an all round waterman with our expert instruction and get the most out of your water time.Luxury surf travel.


Why Choose Us

Embark on a surfing journey like no other with SDK Expeditions. We take pride in offering a surfing experience that goes beyond the ordinary, providing enthusiasts with the perfect blend of excitement, expertise, and exploration. Get out there Ride, Dive, Explore! Let us worry about the details.